Materials for transmission lines

Industrias Arruti is a Spanish manufacturer of hardware and accessories for transmission and distribution lines. Their factory started in 1968 and we have delivered materials for transmission lines to Finland since 2001. Industrias Arruti’s extensive range of 110…400 kV insulator and conductor accessories meet the requirements of impact strength at low temperatures. Insulator accessories are suitable for both traditional glass insulators and composite insulators. Industrias Arruti supplies also composite insulators.

Tower attachment

- shackles
- twisted shackles
- U bolts
- hinges
- eye bolts

Insulator and conductor accessories

- socket eyes, clevis sockets
- ball eyes
- extension links
- arcing horns, racquets
- yokes
- dampers
- spacers and armour rods, spacer dumpers

OPGW accessories

- suspension sets
- tension sets
- down lead clamps
- dampers

Composite tension insulators

- silicone rubber insulation
- ball eyes and socket eyes according to IEC
- 70…300 kN

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